Our Board


Steve Pashley

Steve is an experience designer and creative problem solver. Steve was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes six years ago and this experience drove him to form The Dare Two Foundation to impact the lives of people with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes.

Henry Brehm, The Dare Two Foundation

Henry Brehm

Henry is the Managing Director of the Vizion Group, Inc. and Consultant to NephCure Kidney International. Henry served as Executive Director/CEO of the NephCure Foundation from 2003-2014.

Braeden Baker Pashley, The Dare Two Foundation

Braeden Pashley

Braeden is an experienced sales and marketing professional with over 10 years experience helping healthcare businesses connect with patients and healthcare professionals.

Scott Pashley, The Dare Two Foundation

Scott Pashley

Scott is an industry leader in corporate wellness who specializes in making individuals and employee populations healthier through physical activity tracking programs and mHealth. Scott is also an entrepreneur who has launched fitness, ecommerce, and fantasy sports ventures.


Pete Fleming

Pete is a people-centered innovation expert who believes that design can change the world. He has a knack for jumping between big-picture thinking and ground-level doing.